EOL and Invertica together create IRELS, the international network dedicated to logistics and industry
The birth of IRELS

Published on juillet 12, 2017
As part of the internationalisation of logistics networks, EOL joins its Spanish counterpart Invertica to create IRELS, presented as "the first international network of real estate specialists for logistics and industry". IRELS (International Real Estate Logistics Solutions) should eventually include around ten countries and will offer customers, users, distributors and logisticians a single point of contact regardless of the target country.

"Our mutual experience in our respective areas has led us to the natural realisation that this new network of experts is a necessity. Our major accounts wish to be accompanied in their search for real estate solutions for all their national and international needs, especially since the structural change in supply chain models involving the introduction of new channels of distribution and decision-making, as well as the general evolution of our lifestyles and our work, support the demand for both multi-site and multi-country warehouses," commented Laurent Sabatucci, President of EOL, and François-Xavier Lancel, Founder of Invertica.

The IRELS network is to be made up of independent companies united around a common project: offering a European "made-to-measure" solution based on local knowledge and that is close to the customer, the market and its growth. This approach will be based on a specific digital platform dedicated to international logistics. At its launch, the network already has 66 employees, with 5 offices in France and 2 in Spain.
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