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1 office

A portfolio of 150 logistics buildings

300,000 sqm concluded since 2012

The industrial and logistics market

2.5 million sqm of logistics park

300 buildings

300 million euros invested in 2018

Walter HUBER
Managing Director


5 offices (Antwerp, Brussels, Hasselt, Ghent, Amsterdam)

A portfolio of 250 logistics buildings

1.3 million sqm concluded in the last 10 years

Significant operations

18,000 sqm for Gilbert De Clercq Logistics

15,000 sqm for LabCorp

12,600 sqm for Toyota Material Handling

Christophe WUYTS
Head of Industrial Agency & member of the management committee


10 offices (Paris, Lille, Orléans, Rennes, Normandie, Grand-Est, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille)

1,5 million sqm concluded each year and a 22% market share

Significant operations

55,000 sqm for Lacoste

80,000 sqm for Habitat

113,000 sqm for Castorama

140,000 sqm for Carrefour

110,000 sqm for La Redoute

80,000 sqm for Carrefour (2023)

64,600 sqm for Vente-unique.com (2023)

17,300 sqm for We Connect (2023)

86,000 sqm for ID Logistics (2024)

The industrial and logistics market

1950 existing logistics warehouses > 10 000 sqm under the ICPE regime

57 millions sqm dedicated to logistics

Approximately 3 millions sqm of vacant properties



Founded in 2012

3 offices (Schiphol Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tilburg)

Significant operations

40,000 sqm leased to VCK

43,000 sqm sold to Aberdeen

65,000 sqm acquired to Goodman

The industrial and logistics market

To-spec supply is substantial: at the start of 2019, 28% of supply was new-build (by definition to-spec); at the end of 2019, this had grown to 41% (ap. 1.1 million m²).

To-spec developments are quickly becoming more popular: 90% of the year-end supply was started in 2019, i.e. speculative development of nearly one million m² of warehouse was put in motion in 2019.

Leasing of to-spec developments was successful in 2019: Of the total to-spec supply from the start of 2019, 80% was leased before the end of the year (by comparison: for existing buildings this was 57%).

Bart-Jan LUIJK


6 offices (Warszawa, Katowice, Lodz, Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw)

A portfolio of approx. 2,750 logistics buildings

5.4 million sqm concluded since company foundation in 2009

Significant operations

MCG Eastbridge 56,200 sqm GLP Kraków III

Leroy Merlin 50,000 sqm Logicor Stryków

AutoDoc 26,400 sqm Park Szczecin Trzebusz

The industrial and logistics market

31.7 million sqm of logistics park

3.7 million sqm new developments in 2023

2.1 billion euros invested in 2023, 966 million euros invested in industrial sector in Poland

Managing Partner


2 offices (Madrid, Barcelona)

A portfolio of 800 logistics buildings

1.4 million sqm concluded in the past six years

Significant operations

25,000 sqm cross-dock for CILSA

175,000 sqm for Mango (LB)

50,000 sqm for ID Logistics

The industrial and logistics market

15 million sqm of logistics park

1.3 million sqm concluded in 2017

1.1 billon euros invested in real estate logistics in 2017

François-Xavier LANCEL


1 office in France

1 office in Switzerland

Significant operations

Ongoing mandate to develop a 60 000 sqm logistic project in Geneva sector

Sale of a 7 000 sqm Land to Petit Forestier in Vaud

Several major operations in the Swiss logistics and industrial market : Transaction, Development, Development and Investment, Project management assistance, construction etc.

More than 1 million sqm delivered in France for project management and construction assistance operations

The industrial and logistics market

The total volume of logistics buildings is around 28,000,000 sqm

The available supply is around 600,000 sqm, mainly in ancient buildings

United Kingdom


6 offices

A portfolio of 120 logistics buildings

2.4 million sqm concluded in the last 10 years

The industrial and logistics market

43 million sqm of logistics park

2,100 buildings

1.6 billion pounds invested in 2018

Andrew SMITH

If you have any questions, subjects, or research on the german market, please contact :

Jean-François Mounic


Géraldine Bintein